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Post LOE – Copay Optimization and Performance Tracking

A Case Study


The brand team for a top 5 pharma company had their hands full trying to manage a portfolio of post LOE brands.  They were balancing multiple issues at once:

  • They were considering changing the copay offer on one of their largest businesses but weren’t sure whether the incremental spend for the new offer would make financial sense.  The brand team felt the new copay offer had the potential of improving persistency, but the incremental spend was more than $1MM (+25% vs. current budget)
  • In one key area, the brands were struggling to understand if keeping their copay programs post LOE made financial sense
  • Separately, they needed to be able to track results for each of their businesses, which required pulling data and trends from multiple databases and vendors, including TRx, shipments, margins, media plans, copay program results, custom HCP segmentations and more  
  • They needed a turn-key way to determine the best approach for their copay programs and a streamlined way to track brand and copay program results across businesses.  They simply did not have the manpower to be able to aggregate all the information they needed for a comprehensive review of results  

Our Process:

  • We recommended that the brand team implement both our optimization model and customized dashboard which can be used across brands and categories
  • We worked with the team members to gather all the necessary inputs for the analysis and the dashboard and finalized the prototype of the custom dashboard, incorporating all the key data sources and interactive views that addressed the team’s needs.  The dashboard included views of the copay program, overall sales, ongoing program profitability, impact on HCP segments and geographic and provider level performance (via interactive maps)


  • For the new offer that was being considered, the modelling indicated that very few incremental scripts would be generated and, as a result, we recommended the brand stay with the offer they currently had in market
  • A dashboard for multiple Post LOE brands was configured and implemented in 3-months’ time
  • The team was able to track progress across brands, copay programs and physician segments making it much easier to see interactions between programs and if the activities were driving shipments, TRx’s and positive ROI
  • The team could easily view specifics on the financial performance of their copay programs over time and at what point the profitability on those programs would turn negative, marking the point at which the programs should be discontinued
  • Data from multiple vendors was shown within one interface allowing the brand team to focus on findings and strategic issues, rather than on data aggregation and analysis.  Our embedded “guided analysis” reduced the brand review time to minutes per brand, per month

Five years later (as of 2022) these dashboards have become their “go to” location to get quick information on overall brand performance and to track their copay profitability.

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