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Brand Launch – Copay Program Optimized from The Start

A Case Study


  • A leading pharma manufacturer was launching a new entry into a soon-to-be very competitive and fast-growing category
  • Although they had many active copay programs with other brands, this new launch was critical because the drug had the potential to grow to blockbuster status and it was important to do it right since hundreds of millions of dollars were at stake
  • The brand had multiple data sources and assumptions which needed to be woven together to create the perfect launch plan

Our Solution:

  • Our Optimal Offer modeling solution was chosen to project the impact of hundreds of potential copay offer structures.  The brand team completed our comprehensive questionnaire and all the data and assumptions were entered into the model
  • We noticed inconsistencies in some of the brand’s key data and pointed the issues out to the team.  We worked collaboratively to finalize the key inputs including specific objectives and budget requirements
  • We incorporated industry / category benchmarks as needed to supplement the brand specific data


  • Hundreds of different offer structures were forecasted and the ones which met the brand’s objectives were served up to the team
  • Our “checks and balances” oversight resulted in significant changes to the recommended copay program.  Had those changes not been implemented, the brand would have fallen far short of its goals
  • The brand launch was huge success! The brand performed very close to expectations on all aspects of their plan (Sales, TRx’s, Gross to Net, and Total Profitability)
  • Forecasted projections = (+/- 6%)
  • The entire process took six weeks
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