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We pave the way for you to meet your financial and patient goals

Our objective third party solutions are clever industry-leading tools which can save you time & money, reduce fraud and provide proper insights and direction. Our optimization services include interactive copay program optimization modeling, customized performance measurement dashboards and bottom up copay claims audits.

Copay Program Optimization Modeling

Our optimization models have helped 100+ brands develop and refine their copay programs through all stages of the brand life cycle.

Performance Measurement Dashboards

Our customized dashboards combine multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive view of copay program and brand results.

Copay Claims

Our copay claims audits uncover and quantify costly processing errors and fraud adding up to millions of dollars of wasted spend.

Copay Program Optimization Modeling


Whether it be for an existing product or supporting your new product launch, our optimization models are customized, interactive, copay program planning tools that predict the impact of program changes via turn-key “what if” simulation capability. Our models provide a forecasted P&L for each of up to 1,500 scenarios – allowing our clients to see the potential impact of changing program elements before placing the program in market.

The models recommend the copay program structure that best delivers on the brand’s objectives, strategies, and program budget.  Leveraging the Optimal Offer planning process supports faster, more efficient and fact-based planning within the brand’s strategic guidelines!

Performance Measurement ​

Innovative business technology

Our customized reporting dashboards consolidate key metric reporting including copay claims data across brands, channels and vendors in one simple, flexible tool.  A wide range of trended data from any database can also be incorporated, including TRx trends, physician segmentation details, media activities, as well as geographic and channel results.  Each dashboard features drill down capabilities, interactive maps and a “guided analysis” highlighting key results.

Our dashboards provide a comprehensive and customized view of program and brand results, help identify issues and facilitate ongoing program refinement. Having a “one stop shop” that simplifies copay program reporting and analysis ensures more time to focus on strategic issues vs. data gathering and reporting!

Copay Claims Audits

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Our audit process is an essential step that is missing at most pharma companies. Our audit digs deeper than the traditional process followed by copay vendors.  We analyze program claims from the bottom up, program by program, rather than simply across programs and manufacturers.  As an objective third party that has been working with claims level data since 2009, we are uniquely positioned to perform a claims audit.

Importantly, a detailed claims level audit provides insight into whether the program execution at the pharmacy level matches the business rules and objectives for the program.  The ROI on copay claims audits can be significant so it’s important to identify issues early before spending gets out of control!

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