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Performance Measurement
A Case Study

A Case Study


  • A leading brand had recently made a change to their copay program after working with the Alpha 1C team to optimize their program  
  • Given the visibility of the brand within the company, management was very focused on overall brand performance and tracking the results of the program change vs. the forecast
  • Of significant importance was tracking the TRx’s, copay utilization, program profitability and ROI, trends by channel, days of supply and by physician segmentation
  • In addition, management was interested in comparing actual results for the new program vs. what the original program would have delivered if no change had been made

Our Process:

  • We recommended that the brand implement a customized brand dashboard to track and highlight the key areas of interest
  • We worked with the brand team to configure the tool to include data from multiple vendors, key financial metrics, segmentation data, forecast data, census data and custom sales hierarchies


  • The custom dashboard was configured and implemented in a little over 2-months’ time
  • The embedded “guided analysis” summarized key results and reduced the brand review time to minutes per month
  • In addition to the guided analysis, charts, graphs and interactive maps detailing program results were included.  Selections were also provided to customize views for different time periods, channels, segments, days of supply etc.
  • Data from multiple vendors was shown within one interface allowing the client to focus on strategic issues rather than data gathering and reporting
  • This dashboard has become the team’s “go to” location to get quick information on overall brand performance and to track their copay profitability
  • The client has been using the dashboard to track their brand’s progress in all key areas for the last 4 years (as of 2022)
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