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Our innovative analytical solutions in action​

We help our clients understand the levers they can change to help ensure that their copay program results deliver on their brand and corporate objectives.  We have continually been recognized for providing “best-in-class”, unique and innovative analytical solutions for the pharma industry.

Product launch

Brand Launch – Copay Program Optimized from The Start

A leading pharma manufacturer was launching a new entry into a soon-to-be very competitive and fast-growing category. Our Optimal Offer modeling solution was chosen to project the impact of hundreds of potential copay offer structures. Our oversight resulted in significant changes to the copay program they were considering…

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Pre LOE – Copay Program Evaluation and Optimization

A brand that was quickly approaching LOE was under pressure to support a case to keep their copay program in place in order to maintain the persistancy of their patients. Using our goals-based copay optimization modeling process, we were able to forecast the impact of continuing or discontinuing the program…

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Our team is comprised of marketing, sales and analytical professionals with deep background in strategy, predictive modeling, and post event tracking and analysis for sales and marketing programs.  A member of our team will reach out to you soon to discuss your needs.

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