Why Choose Us?

Our copay program optimization models, brand tracking tools and claims audits are recognized throughout the industry as the platinum standard for planning, evaluating, and optimizing copay programs. Our comprehensive approach to copay ensures program structures are optimized prior to in-market execution, reporting and analysis is streamlined, and business rules are being executed properly. As an objective third party, we provide key insights to marketers, finance and senior management teams allowing them to make more informed decisions that provide a better ROI.

No Time? No Problem?

We know our clients are extremely busy and that is why we provide them with “turn-key service” with all-inclusive pricing. Not only do we provide a full analysis including advanced tools, models and recommended next steps, but all engagements include our team as a resource for ongoing support.

The result is the best of both worlds. Our clients have our team working behind the scenes and they also have full access to the tools if they want to review the data on their own. To assist in the review, all tools include guides that provide an overview of the process, a definition of terms, and a synopsis of the results.

Consider the Brand Stage in its Lifecycle

Brand lifecycle:  The often forgotten, but major consideration when structuring your patient copay program. There are many factors influencing your copay program but a key

Copay Program Optimization
A Case Study

Situation: A major pharma company needed to trim $30MM in copay program spending company-wide and still maintain their growth. The company came to Alpha 1C to optimize their copay programs across their product portfolio. Objectives were as follows: Maintain sales growth while reducing cost by $30MM (-16.6%)…

Performance Measurement
A Case Study

Situation: A leading brand had recently made a change to their copay program after working with the Alpha 1C team to optimize their program. Given the visibility of the brand within the company, management was very focused on overall brand performance and tracking the results of the program change vs. the forecast…

Copay Program Optimization

Our unique copay program optimization models recommend the best copay offer to meet a brand’s objectives. Our annual planning approach provides unsurpassed insights into the levers that can be changed to optimize copay program results.

Performance Measurement

We provide the comprehensive tools and oversight to allow ongoing tracking of performance metrics across multiple data sets and vendors via customized flexible dashboards. We identify issues as they happen, and facilitate ongoing refinement.

Copay Claims Audits

Claims audits are a critical part of copay program optimization. We use a checks and balances approach to uncover costly waste and fraud and provide insights into whether pharmacy execution matches the program’s business rules.

What are Patient Accumulator & Maximizer Programs?

These PBM programs are very confusing to everyone. Understanding each one, how they are different, and how they impact both pharma manufacturers and patients is important. Accumulator & maximizer programs may look alike, but they are not…

Performance and Copay Dashboards

Monitor the most important brand results Alpha 1C’s customized reporting dashboard consolidates key metric reporting including copay claims data across brands, channels and vendors in

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