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Why a Brand Dashboard is an Essential Tool for your Product Launch and Beyond

A product launch is a very hectic time, but the work doesn’t stop once your product hits the market. With so much going on, you need one go-to tool to track your progress and produce the essential information you need to effectively manage the business, while also keeping your senior management and investors abreast of your brand’s performance.

Sometimes what can seem like a simple question from senior management requires hours of searching for the correct data and then more hours of number crunching…and hopefully the answer to the question ends up being a positive one! This process can not only be time consuming, but also stressful and disruptive to your daily schedule.

Many of the brands we deal with have no way of tracking their progress across key areas and often this requires moving from one vendor portal to another to access information on copay claims, Rx’s, marketing / media support etc. Then, all that information needs to be combined with internal cost data to produce the KPI’s and the financial analysis needed for ongoing tracking of results. This information is especially important for launch tracking. Simply knowing how many claims you are getting and the cost per claim from standard copay vendor reports just doesn’t cut it!

An all-encompassing dashboard solves this issue by pulling key data points together and tracking important KPI’s, showing trends and projecting into the future. Having your copay program information matched to sales data by channel, along with key information about your prescribing HCP’s, sales force performance by territory, and internal cost and profitability information makes a dashboard an invaluable tool!

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