Performance and Copay Dashboards

Monitor the most important brand results Alpha 1C’s customized reporting dashboard consolidates key metric reporting including copay claims data across brands, channels and vendors in one simple, flexible tool.  A wide range of trended data from any database can also be incorporated, including TRx trends, physician segmentation details, media activities, as well as geographic and […]

Copay Program Optimization Model

Plan your optimal copay offer BEFORE in-market execution Alpha 1C’s Optimal Offer Model is a customized, interactive, copay program planning tool that predicts the impact of program changes via turn-key “what if” simulation capability. Our models provide a forecasted P&L for each of up to 1,500 scenarios – allowing our clients to see the potential […]

Copay Claims Audits: An Essential Step 

Audit Intro Image

Incorrectly processed claims can quickly add up to millions of dollars of wasted spend.  A copay claims audit uncovers and quantifies costly “processing errors” and fraud and is a critical step in copay program optimization. Pharmacies manipulating claims are identified for follow up and can be continually monitored.