Your Performance Measurement Tool Needs to Include more than Copay Data

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Most brands with copay programs are stuck with only copay claims reporting from their copay vendor which only provides part of what is needed to understand what is really happening within the program. Claims data by itself leaves a lot to be desired as it’s too narrow a data set and many reports add no […]

Improve your Brand’s Net Margin with Copay Program Optimization

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Most brands and companies today are looking to improve their brand’s profitability. Many are looking in the same old places to try and squeeze out an extra percentage point. But many pharma brands are either reluctant or just don’t have the capability to try and find savings in their brand’s copay program. With the amount […]

Copay Program Optimization
A Case Study

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Situation: A major pharma company needed to trim $30MM in copay program spending company-wide and still maintain their growth. The company came to Alpha 1C to optimize their copay programs across their product portfolio. Objectives were as follows: Maintain sales growth while reducing cost by $30MM (-16.6%)…

Performance Measurement
A Case Study

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Situation: A leading brand had recently made a change to their copay program after working with the Alpha 1C team to optimize their program. Given the visibility of the brand within the company, management was very focused on overall brand performance and tracking the results of the program change vs. the forecast…

10 Reasons Your Pharma Brand Should do a Copay Claims Audit Today

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There are many reasons to check the overall health of your patient copay program by completing a copay claims audit through a knowledgeable, objective 3rd party. One of the primary issues is that the NCPDP software which pharmacies use to process patient benefits has not been significantly upgraded in quite some time. And since this […]

Copay Claims Audits
A Case Study

Situation: A major pharma manufacturer contacted us to evaluate whether the cap on their copay program was optimal given their objectives and patient base. After receiving a claims file and utilizing our copay program optimization model to evaluate different patient offer scenarios, it was determined there was a very high…