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We help our clients understand the levers they can change to help ensure that their copay program results deliver on their brand and corporate objectives.  We have continually been recognized for providing “best-in-class”, unique and innovative analytical solutions for the pharma industry.

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Copay Program Optimization

Our unique copay program optimization models recommend the best copay offer to meet a brand’s objectives. Our annual planning approach provides unsurpassed insights into the levers that can be changed to optimize copay program results.

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Performance Measurement

We provide the comprehensive tools and oversight to allow ongoing tracking of performance metrics across multiple data sets and vendors via customized flexible dashboards. We identify issues as they happen, and facilitate ongoing refinement.

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Copay Claims Audits

Claims audits are a critical part of copay program optimization. We use a checks and balances approach to uncover costly waste and fraud and provide insights into whether pharmacy execution matches the program’s business rules.

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Our team is comprised of marketing, sales and analytical professionals with deep background in strategy, predictive modeling, and post event tracking and analysis for sales and marketing programs.  A member of our team will reach out to you soon to discuss your needs.

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