Why Choose Us?

Our copay program optimization models, brand tracking tools and claims audits are recognized throughout the industry as the platinum standard for planning, evaluating, and optimizing copay programs. Our comprehensive approach to copay ensures program structures are optimized prior to in-market execution, reporting and analysis is streamlined, and business rules are being executed properly. As an objective third party, we provide key insights to marketers, finance and senior management teams allowing them to make more informed decisions that provide a better ROI.

No Time? No Problem?

Businessman with clock in time concept

We know our clients are extremely busy and that is why we provide them with “turn-key service” with all-inclusive pricing. Not only do we provide a full analysis including advanced tools, models and recommended next steps, but all engagements include our team as a resource for ongoing support.

The result is the best of both worlds. Our clients have our team working behind the scenes and they also have full access to the tools if they want to review the data on their own. To assist in the review, all tools include guides that provide an overview of the process, a definition of terms, and a synopsis of the results.