Co-Pay Program Optimization Training


Alpha 1C offers hands on training for your marketing managers in developing the optimal co-pay program. This involves hands on training with a case study and one of our models where the student is thrust into a situation as a brand manager needing to implement an offer that will best meet the brands objectives. The course can also be set up to involve an actual brand situation where the students actually solve their own brands problem in the process.

Training Objectives:

  1. Provides students with a better understanding of the complexity involved in selecting the proper patient copay offer and how utilizing data and technology together can produce superior results
  2. Session: 2-4 hours in length (depending if it's a brand specific exercise)
  3. Embedded case study which contains all the brand details and workshop objectives
  4. Participants are asked to configure an offer that they feel will best meet the brand's objectives
  5. Offers are "scored" on a percentage basis against the true "optimal offer"
  6. More of the inner workings of the model are revealed over time allowing the users to refine their offers with the help of the technology
  7. Users can make adjustments in their programs and immediately then see how they impact sales, cost, profit, trial, and ROI

The result is an engaging, fun, and competitive way to improve a very necessary skill set!