Multi-Cultural Opportunity Model


The annual or strategic planning process for a brand or company involves understanding all the potential market opportunities and then building a plan to drive results among key opportunity segments. For many  companies there are unidentified or untapped growth opportunities in multicultural segments. When these opportunities are understood and placed in the context of overall brand or company opportunities, key growth areas and priorities will become clear.

How We Help Our Clients Solve This Problem

Alpha 1C has developed a proprietary interactive model framework to help evaluate the multicultural opportunities that exist across categories.  This framework is customized to create a unique model for a pharma company or division.

By incorporating key factors like disease prevalence and size of opportunity, the Alpha 1C Multi-Cultural model quickly and easily demonstrates the opportunity by multicultural segment within or across therapeutic areas.

The interactive model allows for simple updates and “what if” analyses to help quantify and prioritize opportunity areas. The end result is that our clients know where to focus their efforts resulting in the best financial return. For those clients who have expressed interest in marketing to multi-cultural segments but didn’t know where to focus, this model will provide the strategic guidance that is needed.