Geo Targeting


These days rarely does a product launch simultaneously around the globe or for that matter even nationally.  Brands can be faced with many issues including financial, cultural and geographical challenges which make a market by market approach more appropriate vs. a national or global approach.   However, with a market by market roll out, focus areas for sales force deployment, advertising and marketing efforts must be determined.  Deciding which markets to focus on can be a complicated process.

Alpha 1C has developed a unique model framework which, when customized,  utilizes key brand and market data to assist the brand and sales teams in “scoring” markets on key measurement criteria in order to make more informed decisions.  The model utilizes key market research  and census data and can be deployed globally.  It’s inexpensive, easy to configure, and easy to update. The result is delivered via an easy to use, interactive tool which the brand team can use to “slice and dice” the data anyway they wish to determine their best roll-out strategies.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides a streamlined, custom, interactive approach for guiding marketing, sales and media decisions
  • Seamlessly aggregates many disparate data sources needed for decision making & performs all the needed calculations behind the scenes
  • Provides a customized view, including key drivers for each brand and any geographical hierarchy desired
  • Enables fact based comparison and rank ordering of markets based on many factors
  • Allows the brand to dig deeper into opportunities, market by market.
  • Allows brand group to focus on strategic issues vs. data gathering and analysis