Custom Models and Tools


Predictive Modeling

Our easy to use, interactive models provide guidance on strategic questions and greatly simplify the decision making process.  Our models:

  • Seamlessly integrate large amounts of data from disparate sources
  • Conduct intricate data calculations behind the scenes
  • Show results and allow “what if” analysis in a visual, interactive dashboard for easy analysis and presentation
  • Incorporate a streamlined process for periodic updates

We have created models to address a range of business issues including developing the most appropriate co-pay promotional offer and uncovering business opportunities via geo-targeting or via a multicultural focus. 


DTC Readiness


Launching a product or advertising campaign in the right markets at the right time is one of the keys to a brand’s success. A laser focus on prioritized markets is not only important for new launch brands, but also for established business interested in prioritizing DTC or HCP focused efforts, managed care initiatives as well as general sales planning needs.

To properly prioritize markets, many factors need to be considered, such as:

  • Market Opportunity
  • Density of HCP’s and Patients
  • Affordability (patient)
  • Other market trends (if applicable)
  • Brand Support Costs
  • Other Brand or Category Specific Factors

Multi-Cultural Opportunity Model


The annual or strategic planning process for a brand or company involves understanding all the potential market opportunities and then building a plan to drive results among key opportunity segments. For many  companies there are unidentified or untapped growth opportunities in multicultural segments. When these opportunities are understood and placed in the context of overall brand or company opportunities, key growth areas and priorities will become clear.

How We Help Our Clients Solve This Problem

Alpha 1C has developed a proprietary interactive model framework to help evaluate the multicultural opportunities that exist across categories.  This framework is customized to create a unique model for a pharma company or division.


Geo Targeting


These days rarely does a product launch simultaneously around the globe or for that matter even nationally.  Brands can be faced with many issues including financial, cultural and geographical challenges which make a market by market approach more appropriate vs. a national or global approach.   However, with a market by market roll out, focus areas for sales force deployment, advertising and marketing efforts must be determined.  Deciding which markets to focus on can be a complicated process.

Alpha 1C has developed a unique model framework which, when customized,  utilizes key brand and market data to assist the brand and sales teams in “scoring” markets on key measurement criteria in order to make more informed decisions.  The model utilizes key market research  and census data and can be deployed globally.  It’s inexpensive, easy to configure, and easy to update. The result is delivered via an easy to use, interactive tool which the brand team can use to “slice and dice” the data anyway they wish to determine their best roll-out strategies.