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Sales Tools


Sales Force Efficiency Tools


To keep field sales forces running efficiently, many companies turn to technology.  Whether it is to track activities or to give them better insights into their markets or customers, companies become more efficient by properly utilizing technology tools.

Alpha 1C specializes in producing custom models that help salespeople track their performance and produce at their maximum efficiency.  Our tools can be used to better connect HQ to the field sales force via tracking training progress, delivering custom information to the territory level, or allowing them to perform “what if” analyses that enable them to sell more effectively.


Analytical Selling Tools

optimal-channelCompanies that sell multiple complementary products are often faced with the challenge of demonstrating to a prospect that purchasing a combination of offerings is better than purchasing a single offering, even though there may be additional cost involved.  Quickly and easily showing the financial benefits of multiple purchase scenarios to a prospect can be a challenge.  Easily demonstrating these benefits vs. competitive offerings can also be a challenge.

Alpha 1C models easily summarize the financial benefits of combining complementary products vs. purchasing a single offering.