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Custom Products


Custom Product Development

Companies that offer products and services to other companies often store a lot of data related to their products, programs and services.  They may not realize it, but that data (or the learnings that can be derived from it) can represent another high value analytical product line for the company. The challenge however, is acquiring the experise to actually develop new product offerings from this information.

At Alpha 1C, we are experts in data ... any kind of data. We can assess the “value” of our client's data and their current products and servicing offerings and work with them to try and “monetize” the data. We’ll recommend the products and functionality, develop prototypes, build a sales demo followed by the live products, train the sales force, and provide a professional user guide!

We are analytical product development experts having developed low cost high value products for companies in more than twenty industries! If you have data assets you want to leverage, contact us today to see if we can help you monetize your data!



Reporting Infrastructure

Many companies purchase a large variety of data points from many different sources but sometimes only a small portion of the data is currently leveraged. There is often a great opportunity to combine and leverage all the data sources and create a reporting infrastructure which can add value to the entire organization.

At Alpha 1C, we work with our clients to lay out plan to enhance tracking and develop a better understanding of key issues affecting the company’s business. We take a strategic approach by understanding all the data components and then leveraging and integrating appropriate data sources into dashboards, heat maps & possibly interactive sales tools.  We often implement our reporting solutions in stages:


Key Benefits:

  • Database is set up to accommodate and anticipate future needs
  • Our clients are assured of a comprehensive approach, leveraging all appropriate data sources over time
  • Information is delivered in reporting dashboards, meeting the needs of the entire organization
  • Reporting can be done for any timeframe or frequency