Co-Pay Program Optimization Training


Alpha 1C offers hands on training for your marketing managers in developing the optimal co-pay program. This involves hands on training with a case study and one of our models where the student is thrust into a situation as a brand manager needing to implement an offer that will best meet the brands objectives. The course can also be set up to involve an actual brand situation where the students actually solve their own brands problem in the process.

The program is instructor lead and can incorporate either a generic or one of your actual brand case studies in it. Brand, Marketing, and Finance teams need to know how these programs work and the levers that can be moved within the programs so they can see the potential financial, HCP, and patient outcomes that will result due to their actions.

In our 2-4 hour program (your choice), attendees are asked to read through the current situation for the brand and then are given our model to enter in their structure for a copay program they are asked to put together. Inside the training database are thousands of industry copay program results from which we forecast their selections. Each user is then “scored” on how they met the exercises stated objectives verses the “optimal scenario” which the model has already calculated. On the first pass their score will most likely be low, but after brief discussions and directions they are given a second and third chance to try again. Each time they are shown more functionality within their computer based model which will both educate and guide them to a better decision.  In the end, after testing many structures, users will score much better due to their new knowledge and understanding of the program. Their “before and after” scores will show them the positive impact they had on sales, profits and ROI (usually in millions of $) from where they started.

This training program will add significant structure and value to your employees who will now have the background to make better decisions both from a patient and HCP perspective which will result in better financial outcomes for your brands. In the past 5 years Alpha 1C’s models have saved our clients more than $100 million. This training program truly pays for itself with a return on investment easy to measure in dollars and cents. Alpha 1C is the leader in the industry in copay program optimization and has written six whitepapers on our findings. There is nothing else like this innovative program in the market.

This trainng provides students with a better understanding of the complexity involved in selecting the proper patient copay offer and how utilizing data and technology together can produce superior results. The result is an engaging, fun, and competitive way to improve a very necessary skill set!