Market Level Optimal Offer


Tailor Your Offer to Meet the Needs of Each Market

Developing the Optimal CoPay offer to meet a brand’s objectives is turn-key with Alpha 1C’s customized Optimal Offer Modeling process. This custom process enables the brand team to conduct “what if” analyses and determine the impact of multiple offer options on Sales, Profit, Cost or ROI. BUT, one offer for all markets may not be the best approach if the brand has unique situations in some markets.

Some locations may benefit from more aggressive (or less aggressive) offers based upon market specific factors such as: managed care issues, sales coverage / white space, demographic differences, concentration of target audience, or regional differences.

The customized Market Level Optimal Offer Model recognizes that “one size may not fit all” and takes the Optimal Offer Planning to the next level!

  • Regional
  • State
  • Sales Territory
  • Market

Geographies are ranked and prioritized based on key drivers unique to each brand and CoPay offers are varied based on the needs of the market groupings. Factors incorporated into the model could include managed care coverage, insurance coverage, affordability, population, sales coverage and more!

As with all the Alpha 1C models, the market level optimal offer model enables “what if” analyses on the fly and provides a graphical comparison of results across key measures such as sales, cost, profit and ROI. And the result? A fully optimized market level CoPay offer plan!

Key Benefits:

  • Provides a streamlined, turnkey, interactive approach for varying the offers by geography to address specific geographic challenges and opportunities
  • Helps ensure that the best offer is delivered for the specific market conditions
  • Helps avoid “under-spending” or “over-spending” in a market
  • Facilitates reallocation of fixed budget dollars to address specific market needs
  • Seamlessly aggregates many disparate data sources needed for decision making & performs all the needed calculations behind the scenes
  • Enables fact based comparison and rank ordering of markets
  • Allows the brand to dig deeper into the brand’s opportunities, market by market
  • Provides simulation capabilities to aid in decision making (before offers are placed in market)
  • Encourages strategic thinking, planning and execution relative to co-pay offers