HCP Asset Allocation

HCP Asset Allocation

Put Your Offers in the Hands of the HCPs Most Likely to Use Them

Pharma brands know that many times the key to successfully implementing a marketing program involves effectively reaching their key physicians. Selecting and prioritizing the most appropriate physicians to receive coupons, samples, educational materials and/or starter kits can be a challenge.

Alpha 1C's HCP Optimal Allocation Model was built specifically to help pharma manufacturers identify, prioritize and target the right physicians. The model is interactive and provides a detailed targeting plan by geographic hierarchy…down to the physician level, customized for each brand. The model provides targeting recommendations based on the current brand situation, HCP target list, budget, objectives and many KPIs (high writers, managed care coverage, coupon sensitivity, market opportunity etc.)

This customized, interactive model can help answer questions such as:

  • Is the sales  force calling on the most productive HCP’s for my brand?
  • Are my patient incentive coupons being placed with those HCP’s who are high writers for my brand?  Or those who have proven that they use and give out coupons?
  • Am I reaching physicians in low or high income areas or areas with poor managed care coverage?

We load each model with brand or category specific data  which is most important to our client’s brands and then we overlay census data .  All calculations are seamlessly handled behind the scenes with results presented in an intuitive interface.  Each custom model allows our clients to do instant “what if” analysis where they can target physicians based  on their specific unique criteria.

Key Benefits:

  • Greatly simplifies process of identifying, prioritizing and targeting the most appropriate physicians for sales and marketing initiatives
  • Creates turn-key targeting plans in a matter of minutes
  • Can be used as both an ongoing HQ marketing strategy and field sales tool for physician targeting