Co-Pay Optimization Models


Co-Pay Optimization Overview

Optimal Suite

Comprehensive Patient Incentive Analytical Suite

Alpha 1C provides a comprehensive, tiered approach to planning and distributing patient incentive CoPay offers. Our clients may choose to plan the optimal offer at a national level only, or they may choose to optimize the offers at a lower level of geography once the optimal, national offer has been determined. And once the offers are optimized at the desired level of geography, the distribution of those offers, along with other assets such as samples, starter kits and educational materials can be further optimized based on physician level metrics.



Optimal Offer


Find the Offer that Best Meets Your Brand Objectives

Many of the major brands in the pharma and life sciences industry are subsidizing their patient’s out of pocket costs with some type of discount program. The number of these programs has tripled in the last 3 years. Co-pay discount cards are the most prevalent type of discounting.

Most brand teams don’t realize the importance of the offer itself and how slight changes in their patient offer can have a major impact on the productivity and profitability of the brand’s performance. Having the right offer and understanding how that offer will impact the patient makes the difference between one that is profitable and one that is not.


Market Level Optimal Offer


Tailor Your Offer to Meet the Needs of Each Market

Developing the Optimal CoPay offer to meet a brand’s objectives is turn-key with Alpha 1C’s customized Optimal Offer Modeling process. This custom process enables the brand team to conduct “what if” analyses and determine the impact of multiple offer options on Sales, Profit, Cost or ROI. BUT, one offer for all markets may not be the best approach if the brand has unique situations in some markets.

Some locations may benefit from more aggressive (or less aggressive) offers based upon market specific factors such as: managed care issues, sales coverage / white space, demographic differences, concentration of target audience, or regional differences.


HCP Asset Allocation

HCP Asset Allocation

Put Your Offers in the Hands of the HCPs Most Likely to Use Them

Pharma brands know that many times the key to successfully implementing a marketing program involves effectively reaching their key physicians. Selecting and prioritizing the most appropriate physicians to receive coupons, samples, educational materials and/or starter kits can be a challenge.

Alpha 1C's HCP Optimal Allocation Model was built specifically to help pharma manufacturers identify, prioritize and target the right physicians. The model is interactive and provides a detailed targeting plan by geographic hierarchy…down to the physician level, customized for each brand. The model provides targeting recommendations based on the current brand situation, HCP target list, budget, objectives and many KPIs (high writers, managed care coverage, coupon sensitivity, market opportunity etc.)