Case Studies in Strategic Consulting


Brand Positioning and Corporate Turnaround

A Case Study where Our Recommendations Make a Company Profitable


An analytics based software company was not operating profitably. The company felt the solution was to focus on a new functional area which they thought was gaining momentum in the marketplace. Alpha 1C was asked to do a thorough review of the industry and the company’s operating model and to provide recommendations on how to best return to profitability.

Our Solution:

Alpha 1C’s in depth analysis revealed:

  • Margins were being negatively impacted by:
    • Custom application building
    • Major pricing reductions
    • Lengthy (unprofitable) implementation timetables
    • Product Development issues:
      • Appropriate market expertise did not exist within the company
      • “Co-development” approach with customers was problematic
      • Application methodologies were not tested on real data
      • Demos took too long to build, were inconsistently developed and were not fully functional
  • This new functional area that the company was so hot on, was actually not growing due to many “me too” products
  • Our formal recommendations addressed these issues and recommended that the company dramatically change its go-to-market approach


Alpha 1C helped the company standardize its software and its demo, substantially reducing the development timeframe, creating more consistency across the organization and fewer bugs in the application:

  • Demo development timeframe was reduced by over 75%
  • Implementation time on the standard application was reduced by 40%
  • Value based selling approach increased their average price by over 25%

The market responded to their unique new offering:

  • Their next two quarters were the best in the company’s history, with sales up over 100%.
  • The company turned profitable within a year of the initial engagement
  • Three months after turning profitable, the company was acquired


  • The Alpha 1C team worked with the company for 18 months

Foundation for Growth

A Case Study where Strategic Marketing Delivered Results


A services company providing support for the pharmaceutical industry had experienced rapid growth in the 6 years since it was founded. The product offerings were expanding but the company did not have a clear positioning in the customer’s mind. Sales and marketing initiatives were in the early stages and a structured planning process had not previously been used to manage and drive growth.

Our Solution:
  • We conducted assessment interviews and a SWOT analysis with key stakeholders
  • We provided a summary, recommendations and an implementation plan to drive continued, profitable growth encompassing:
    • Planning process, components, resources, timelines etc.
    • Key Sales & Marketing initiatives needed:
      • repositioning of company / brand
      • pricing strategy
      • product strategy
      • customer strategy
  • We repositioned the company and brand as part of a comprehensive marketing and advertising plan
  • We interviewed and hired a professional Sales and Marketing team


  • Our analysis and recommendations served as the foundation for the company’s annual and strategic planning initiatives.
  • A comprehensive marketing plan was implemented, resulting in a defined positioning and a new look, website, advertising and increased awareness.
  • The company experienced triple digit growth and was recognized in local and national publications for their success.


Where Are We Headed?