Case Studies in Predictive Modeling


DTC/DTP Reporting and Optimization

A Case Study for Direct to Consumer and Physician Reporting and Optimization


A leading pharma company was launching a new brand and planning a large, geo-targeted direct to patient (DTP) effort to include display media, WebMD, search, print, and an RM program.  No reporting / dashboard or ROI methodology existed to help evaluate performance and seamlessly report results to management.  They were utilizing several agencies to do the work.

Our Solution:

To address this situation, Alpha 1C:

  • Worked with the brand group to create key performance metrics & design reports
  • Produced and designed an executive dashboard to communicate DTC performance to management
  • Provided a weekly optimization POV for digital media and search plan based on performance scores and benchmarks
  • Worked with their agency of record and the database vendor to eliminate reporting redundancy and unnecessary costs to client
  • Developed the ROI methodology to evaluate DTC spend


  • Key data was sent from their agency directly to us on a weekly basis. We then took the raw data and transformed it into actionable reports and information which senior management could track, and more importantly act on!
  • Alpha 1C worked with the company’s senior management and brand team to produce standard KPI’s and visually appealing & interactive dashboards which provided a clear overview of the results and how they supported the direct to patient (DTP) plan
  • The reporting and analytical approach we developed and implemented throughout the organization facilitated decision making based on data and results and drove more effective, efficient and optimized marketing spend


  • The Alpha 1C team developed the reporting and dashboard approach within 1 month and continued to work with the company on strategic initiatives for over a year beyond that.