Case Studies in Predictive Modeling


Geo Targeting

A Case Study for Pinpointing Advertising Spend and Effectively Deploying the Detailing Sales Force


A pharma company was waiting for FDA approval and preparing to launch a new brand.  The Alpha 1C team was initially hired to help the company identify the markets most likely to produce a positive outcome for their advertising and marketing plan.  One key piece of information that needed to be considered was that the drug needed to be stored in temperatures over 50 degrees.

Our Solution:
  • Working closely with the brand team, Alpha 1C combed through all their existing data which included: managed care, patient affordability, location of medical centers, media cost, generic usage, patient density, market size, disease prevalence, sales data, and market by market temperature data
  • Our team recommended a new strategic “Geo-Targeting” model which enabled the brand to determine focus markets for advertising and marketing support.  The model incorporated all the available data, including market temperature
  • The framework of the model allowed the company to adjust the inputs to the model on the fly to respond to rapidly changing market conditions.  Alpha 1C updated the model on a quarterly basis as new data became available


  • The model was delivered utilizing an easy to use interactive graphical interface and was leveraged by the majority of their company as a marketing and advertising planning and budgeting tool.
  • The brand team used the model to work with their agencies to plan their marketing and advertising campaigns by market by quarter.  This allowed them to properly budget based on the specific media costs in each market
  • The model quickly became a vital part of the brand’s strategic planning process and it was also determined that the model could assist in the development of a deployment plan for their soon to be hired sales force


  • The Alpha 1C team built and delivered the model in less than two months.