Case Studies in Predictive Modeling


Multi-Cultural Opportunities

A Case Study for Discovering Opportunities in Multi-Cultural Markets


A major biologic and pharma company was considering investing in multi-cultural marketing, but didn’t know which combination of therapeutic categories & ethnic groups represented the biggest opportunities. The company had a lot of internal data, but did not have an easy way to aggregate the information and compare/contrast potential opportunities.

Our Solution:
  • Our team worked closely with the company’s interactive marketing department to understand the company’s needs
  • We utilized their existing internal data such as patient population, disease prevalence, patient lifetime value, sales data, and much more to build a “Multi-Cultural Model” which looked at all of the company’s 20+ categories and more than 30 brands across the Black, Hispanic and Asian populations across the US
  • The model was delivered utilizing an easy to use interactive graphical interface which was embedded into PowerPoint for ease of use
  • The model was built so that it would receive a major “refresh” once per year but we included functionality which allowed each of the brand teams to update the model as frequently as needed with current brand and market information


  • The model greatly simplified the process of analyzing the available data and delineated the opportunity for each brand to engage with the Black, Hispanic, and Asian populations. The model clearly showed the company whether multi-cultural marketing was something they should consider, and if so, where they should begin.
  • The model was utilized both at the HQ level and at the brand level to identify the overall prevalence, opportunity, # of patients and top opportunities for multi-cultural advertising spend by category and brand.  The model provided key inputs into the company’s overall marketing and strategic planning process


  • The Alpha 1C team built and delivered the model in less than two months