Case Studies in Patient Incentives


Launch for a Blockbuster


A leading pharma manufacturer was launching a new entry into the very competitive pphthalmics category. Although they had many active copay programs with other brands this new launch was super important because the drug had the potential to grow to blockbuster status and it was important to do it right as millions of dollars were at stake.

The company investigated options to structure their program and based on both unique data and technology, Alpha 1C was chosen for the important job.

Our Solution:

  • We took the brand team through the first step of our process which was our National Optimal Offer Model
  • We have a very unique process for handling launches because they take special since data is scarce and there is much benchmarking to do
  • We had the brand team estimate what the status of their managed care coverage would be at launch, 6 and 12 months post launch as it is important to set a program that works in partnership with their contracting strategy.
  • The brand team worked hand in hand with us on their specific objectives & budget requirements


  • The entire process took six weeks to develop and implement our National Optimal Offer model
  • Offers were derived for both physical cards delivered to their targeted HCP’s and for use by patients via the web
  • A total of sixteen different offer structures were forecasted across the brand in that timeframe to see which ones best met the brands objectives for launch
  • The brand is off to an excellent start!
  • Brand is performing very close to expectations on all aspects of their plan
  • Next step will be optimizing the allocation of their physical cards to their targeted HCP’s to ensure they get in the hands of the patients that really need them