Case Studies in Patient Incentives


Optimize My Entire Product Portfolio


A leading pharma manufacturer had almost a dozen products all with copay programs. Spending had gotten out of control and their finance department forced an initiative of saving 30% across the board in the upcoming year. Sales had to be maintained/increased, ROI increased, while cost per incremental unit reduced.  

The company was also looking for a standard way for brands to plan and evaluate all future copay offers. The company sent out a comprehensive RFP and Alpha 1C was chosen

Our Solution:

  • We recommended all brands go through at least the first step of our process which was our National Optimal Offer Model
  • Once phase #1 was complete each brand would be looked at to identify if they would see value in running our additional models:
    • Market Level Geo-Targeting Copay optimization Model
    • HCP Level – Asset Allocation Model
  • Each brand worked with the Alpha team on their own objectives & budget



Phase 1

    • National Optimal Offer… the entire process took eight weeks and all brands offers were optimized
    • A total of 287 offer configurations were forecasted across the brands in that timeframe
    • A total of $35MM in spend was identified as savings based on offer reconfiguration
    • All brand offers configurations were changed – some minor and some considerable
    • Many brands were found to have caps that were too high (spending more money than they needed to).
    • We were able to redistribute spending to move money away from patients with small OOP costs and spend more against patients with higher OOP levels reducing spending awhile still attracting more incremental volume  

.Phase 2 (Upcoming)

    • Certain identified brands who have market level managed care or affordability issues to implement our market level offer model
    • Other brands to go through our HCP level model to further optimize their coupon distribution