Case Studies in Patient Incentives


One Offer Optimized for Multiple Brands


A leading dermatology manufacturer had three complimentary products in the same space with 3 similar offers but was not happy with the results  The first brand was the largest one, the second and third brands were much smaller  The ROI on the three programs was negative and the client didn’t feel they would be continuing the copay offers on the two smaller products.

Our Solution:

  • We recommended our National Optimal Offer Model to look at options for combining the three products into one offer that would benefit all three brands
  • We looked at data from all three products going back two years
  • Eight different offer configurations were examined
  • After analyzing all the data we found even though each product had their own unique problems and was used for a completely different purpose they were complimentary products that could be used together


  • The model recommended the offer that best met the client objectives weighted at 50% sales and 50% profit
  • We proposed a unique offer where patients were given higher discounts with the more products they bought “PNMT $25 for one, PNMT $40 for two, and PNMT $50 for if the patient bought all three products together
  • The program results were outstanding:
    • Product #1: sales up +9%, Profit up +3%
    • Product #2: sales up +13%, Profit up +9%
    • Product #3: sales up +21%, Profit up +18%
  • And one of the best things about the program is we were able to work within the existing budget by consolidating the three programs into one which reduced costs and allowed them to fund the additional patient discounts