Case Studies in Patient Incentives


Showing Tremendous Value as part of the Launch Process


A major pharma manufacturer was launching a new product into a very competitive pain marketplace. This market segment contained many competitors with lucrative offers with two having PNMT $0 offers in place. To maximize trial in this highly competitive migraine market, the brand team was interested in developing a patient incentive offer strategy to help speed the adoption of the brand.

Our Solution:

The brand implemented our National Co-Pay Optimization Model which would not only forecast different offer scenarios but give them a complete financial picture of each of the proposed offer. This model also recommends the best offer for the brand based on their specific brand objectives during each portion of its lifecycle.


As a part of the data gathering process market research information from the brand was compared to information in the Alpha 1C database. We found:

  • Current forecasted results for items like expected patient persistency and refill rates to be out of line with what was actually happening in this category
  • A miscalculation in the translation of their expected managed care data which resulting in a lower than what would be actual average patient copay. The difference was an average copay of $70 verses their expected $50 patient copay. Catching this error was of vital importance as the cost of what the brand was originally interested in implementing would have resulted in a drastic overspending situation

Based on these findings we were able to adjust the brand’s offer structure enough (type, amount, duration, cap, and patient eligibility) to provide a well-balanced offer which has met the brands pre-launch objectives showing that it’s vitally important to get an objective 3rd party with industry level data to review current expectations and forecasts.