Case Studies in Patient Incentives


Putting Offers in the Right HCP Hands Increases Program Productivity


In 2014, a manufacturer of a leading drug had already had a co-pay program in market for several years. They were pleased with the results and the program had become an important part of their overall marketing strategy. Their program had just been renewed for another year.

Although they saw the program as productive, they wondered if they could squeeze out some additional sales and profitability by optimizing the way they were distributing their coupons to their targeted physicians.

Our Solution:

We recommended our Optimal Distribution Model to develop a new distribution methodology for the sales reps to replace the current blanket methodology they had been using.

We utilized our industry HCP database which contains coupon usage and fill data for over 75,000 HCPs as some of the key data for the analysis.

We loaded all 15,000 of the brand’s targeted HCP’s along with their addresses into our model which plotted them on our integrated map.


By looking at the data in a map format and by overlaying all the key data points, the brand team utilized our model to come up with a new distribution plan. Each targeted HCP was given a minimum number of coupons, and then the remainder were allocated based on HCP’s “earning” additional coupons. More coupons were given to HCP’s who were:

  • Operating in areas with unfavorable managed care coverage
  • Considered “brand loyalists”
  • In the top 40% of coupon usage (across all brands)

The result of the new allocation methodology was that the brand was able to put more coupons in the hands of the HCP’s who were utilizing them, resulting in an additional $373K in bottom line profit.