Case Studies in Patient Incentives


Market Level Success


A top Pharma brand was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their current program which had run for 3 years but they wanted to increase their ROI productivity and reduce spending.

The brand had issues with their managed care coverage in pockets of markets around the country.

Our Solution:

We ran a two-step process; the first step was to run our “optimal offer” modeling model to ensure they got the biggest “bang for their buck” based on their available budget

We looked many offer constructs with the objectives being to allow more patients to move their larger size which had been proven to keep patients more adherent

The second step was to run our geo-targeting model to identify the markets which were under performing, over performing, and neutral to come away with a specific offer for each market that better met each market’s conditions.


Based on their brand objectives of 75% profit and 25% sales the model recommended their optimal offer.

Their national offer was increased (less lucrative for patient), their cap was reduced 20% resulting in a $3MM savings, no sales loss was predicted and a healthy margin increase is the result

The geo-targeting analysis resulted in both increased sales by millions and added additional profit of almost a million dollars.

Being the brand leader in the category we have seen that their competition is beginning to follow suit and decrease the amount of their patient offers which is still meeting patient needs and allowing them to increase their margin.