Case Studies in Patient Incentives


Enhancing a High Performing Program

A Case Study for Using Predictive Modeling to Drive Better Decisions



A leading drug had implemented a very successful patient incentive program for two years in a row. They recognized the program was successful because they had a very high redemption rate verses others in the industry, but they had no idea if the productivity of their program could be improved

Our Solution:

We recommended that the brand go through our process to determine the “optimal offer”. We completed the analysis based on the claims data that the brand provided, evaluating approximately 15 different offers with varying:

  • Patient offers
  • Frequencies
  • Vehicle types


  • Twelve different offer configurations were presented to the brand team three weeks later.  Each offer scenario produced a different financial outcome which was compared against the brands objectives
  • By analyzing the data provided we found the brand could actually decrease their patient offer by $5 and still produce the same patient trial and adherence rates
  • The forecast showed that the brand could save over $1.5 Million dollars simply by changing their offer slightly
  • The brand decided to change their offer, improve their return and re-invest their savings by putting even more cards into the marketplace
  • An additional 9,000+ new users were acquired, helping to grow the brand even faster than anticipated


  • The entire analysis was completed in just 3 weeks because the brand had an offer in market and had all the data needed for the analysis
  • The new offer was put into market just 5 weeks after receiving the recommendation and was repeated for a second year