Defining Patient Copay Program Optimization

Written by Al Kenney on 17 July 2017. Posted in Co-Pay Program Optimization


What is your definition of copay program optimization?

Many potential clients ask us how we define copay program optimization. We don’t actually define copay program optimization… our customers define it for us. The copay program should support the brand and program objectives and not the other way around. 

At Alpha 1C we utilize our unique data and technology to structure a program that meets or exceeds our client’s objectives (which also includes meeting their all-important budget requirements).

Since we don’t get distracted by selling and executing the copay programs themselves, we can focus on ensuring that the program drives on all cylinders to meet the brand’s real objectives. This involves optimizing key program elements:

  1. Program structure
  2. Offer wording
  3. Offer type
  4. Correct cap
  5. Patient eligibility
  6. Delivery vehicles
  7. Program business rules
  8. Program execution and delivery  

Errors, oversights, or non-alignment with your brand goals can easily cost you millions in overspend and/or lost trial and adherence. Depending on what we find during our deep dive, we may recommend taking the analysis down to a local or even a physician level. All of these steps are necessary in order to fully optimize your program.