Why launching with the same copay offer as everyone else may not be the best

Written by Al Kenney on 20 March 2017. Posted in Co-Pay Program Optimization


So you have a launch coming up and most everyone in your category has the same copay offer… will you take what seems like the “safe route” and follow everyone else’s lead? Doing the same as everyone else doesn’t guarantee you’ll have the same impact as everyone else. Worse yet, it may ensure your brand is passed over as being just another in a crowded category.

So what should you do? Is it good enough to just be where everyone else is? The answer is no… you should be doing a detailed analysis into a custom offer that works best with your goals, objectives, and budget to find the offer that is right for your brand. This will give you the right mix of trial, ROI, and profitability.

Remember that HCP’s don’t know the difference between offers as they can’t recall them. They only react when their patients complain that the drug is too expensive. These days with high deductible health plans, high cost is going to be an issue for every drug in most every category, not just yours. The key for you will be to do an in depth analysis where you can find the pricing inflection point. That is the price where you will begin to lose patients because the cost is too high.

There are many factors involved here and some depend on the uniqueness of both the category and the brand. Once your detailed analysis is completed, you may be able to structure your offer in a way that allows you to cover more of your patients with a more reasonable copay verses covering fewer patients with a lower copay amount. So instead of doing the same as everyone else and possibly getting lost in the shuffle, understand the numbers and customize your offer to give you the best performance for your brand and your patients.