Are objectives driving your copay program or is it the other way around?

Written by Al Kenney on 02 January 2017. Posted in Co-Pay Program Optimization


All new copay planning work should start with a fresh analysis of all the major KPI’s the most important thing to track is how it your program did verses the objectives you set. Alpha 1C models have a very unique feature we take clients through which is the ability to recommend the right offer based on the brand’s weighted objectives.

What I find interesting is that sometimes we have clients who have no problem setting firm objectives, but when when they see the recommendation for offer structure is based on those objectives (maybe something less lucrative than what they wanted to do), they may say “maybe I got my objectives wrong? Let’s try again”

From a modeling perspective that isn’t an issue as the model will accommodate an objectives change and potentially produce a different result. What I find funny is it’s pretty easy to get your objectives correct as you pretty much know what they are and it would be very hard to get them wrong. What is “out of kilter” is their expectation of what they want their offer to be instead of what would meet their real objectives and what they can afford.

When I saw this cartoon I thought it was a brilliant and funny interpretation of what happens so often in business and certainly within the copay program arena. You have to let your brand objectives drive your copay decisions not the other way around.