Brand lifecycle - a key driver

Written by Al Kenney on 30 May 2016. Posted in Co-Pay Program Optimization


Brand lifecycle:  The often forgotten, but major consideration when structuring your patient copay program.

There are many factors influencing your copay program but a key driver impacting your program objectives is where the brand is in its lifecycle. Your objectives for the brand will certainly be different depending on which lifecycle stage your brand is in:

Launch – At launch, you want to drive as much trial as possible so this is when most brands put forth their most lucrative offer. The key here is to give enough of an incentive to get the fill but not to give more than is necessary. If your brand has a unique point of difference you may not have to go as deep as some of your competitors.  

Growth stage – When the brand is firmly in the growth stage, copay offers still need to provide a good incentive, but you can start to dial the offer back a bit once you feel your brand has good traction and acceptance with your HCP’s.  

Maturity – Once your brand is mature and/or a leader in the category, you might want to dial your offer back even more to try and capture a bit more profitability before going into the decline stage (pre-LOE). You will also be more focused on driving increased adherence and ROI more than ever before.

Decline – There will be a decline stage as the brand approaches its loss of exclusivity date. Here your strategy will be to maintain or increase patient adherence rates prior to the loss of exclusivity.

During each of these brand stages having the right offer in place is the best way for you to achieve your brand goals. Optimizing the offer amounts, caps, # uses etc. for the brand’s life stage is critical to achieving the brand’s goals. Alpha 1C’s modeling tools let you set and change your brand’s goals on the fly and will recommend the offer that best meets those goals in a simple easy manner. This way you are sure that the offer you have in market at all stages of your brand’s lifecycle actually delvers what you are looking for.