Why We Are Unique

We provide innovative solutions for our clients’ complex business challenges!


Alpha 1C provides key Insights to both companies and their brand teams, allowing them to make more informed decisions that provide a better ROI.   We work closely with our clients' vendors and agencies to execute their vision.

  • We thoroughly understand the business issues our clients are facing because we have held strategic positions in major global companies and have walked in their shoes
  • We have worked in many industries, and we have a unique perspective having worked in both data rich and data poor industries.  We are experienced at thinking "out of the box" when all the necessary information is not available
  • We have taken industry best practices and have developed analytical tools which help our clients chose the right strategic direction, measure program performance, and recommend changes to optimize efforts
  • We help clients “monetize” their data by assessing their data and recommending products which can be built and then sold to their client base
  • We pride ourselves on providing excellent strategic advice but we also leave our clients with business building analytical tools that can continue to be used to manage their ongoing business
  • We provide our clients the tools, reporting, and insights they need  to select the more productive pathway to reach their goals
  • We get our clients answers to complex problems in a reduced timeframe allowing them to react quickly to their changing marketplace
  • We work smart and have a lot of fun doing so with our clients!