About Us

about-usWho We Are

We are marketing, sales and analytical industry professionals with a deep background in strategy, predictive forecasting, and post event tracking and analysis for sales and marketing programs.

We are experienced at solving complex problems and providing key insights across more than 20+ core industries.   For the last 6 years, we have been focusing our solutions primarily on the pharmaceutical and bio-tech marketplaces, and we have recently been recognized for providing one of the most innovative marketing solutions for the pharma industry.  To learn more visit our awards and recognition page.

What We Do

  1. Alpha 1C provides a range of support from strategic consulting assignments to project based assignments.
  2. Most engagements involve optimization of sales and marketing data/programs/efforts to help our clients achieve their goals both effectively and efficiently.
  3. We transform raw data into actionable information through in-depth analysis, reporting, and modeling tools, providing clarity for our clients and simplifying their strategic decision making.
  4. Our reporting and easy to use interactive models are updated as needed and include “what if” simulation capabilities which can address situations as they develop.
  5. We build custom models which can be resold by our clients or “sales tools” to be used internally to help companies sell their products & services more effectively

Our Background

Alpha 1C team members have specialized and diverse backgrounds. We have extensive experience in consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, retail, and technology. This range of expertise makes us unique in our marketplace. We also have a breadth of experience in sales, marketing, software, market research and training.

Our Experience

The Alpha 1C team has extensive experience.  Highlights include:

  • Built analytic and financial tracking software to measure true program return on investment (ROI) for sales and marketing initiatives
  • Evaluated thousands of marketing and sales campaigns and events
  • Built financial and analytic software products that have been utilized by sales, marketing, and financial professionals across more than 50+ blue chip companies
  • Identified best practices for sales and marketing processes across multiple industries (pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, technology, and software)
  • Led cross functional teams encompassing the sales, marketing, product development, finance, logistics, and technology disciplines
  • Developed go-to-market strategies for top brands across multiple industries
  • Architected patient and physician relationship marketing programs and rolled them out to countries across the globe
  • Assisted brands with the process of evaluating and hiring advertising agencies, co-pay vendors and database providers
  • Built sales force efficiency tools for many companies to help them quantify the real value of their products and services with their clients
  • Started, built, managed and sold successful companies

The diversity of our experience provides added insight and allows us to identify and apply our effective solutions to a range of our clients' toughest business challenges. We are able to provide our clients with fresh ideas including: data-driven strategies, strong tactics, the best tools, and more varied resources.  Alpha 1 C’s unique approach has enabled our clients to make more informed, strategic decisions faster. This allows them to fully leverage their marketing and sales capabilities.

Industry Experience

We have a wealth of experience solving complex business issues in over 20+ industries. This gives us a unique perspective when working within the Pharmaceutical industry where the needed data may not be available through a syndicated data supplier.

  1. Retail – Food, Drug, Mass Merchandiser, C-Store, & Club
  2. Food
  3. OTC Drug
  4. Direct Marketing
  5. Home Improvement
  6. Hotel
  7. Storage
  8. Technology & Software
  9. Demand Planning
  10. Financial Systems
  11. Moving
  12. Restaurant
  13. Health Club
  14. Airline
  15. Retail – Furniture
  16. Retail – Electronics
  17. Telecommunications
  18. Cable
  19. Direct TV (satellite)
  20. VOIP (Voice over internet protocol)
  21. Phone
  22. Internet service
  23. Newspaper
  24. Pharmaceutical

Why We Are Unique

We provide innovative solutions for our clients’ complex business challenges!


Alpha 1C provides key Insights to both companies and their brand teams, allowing them to make more informed decisions that provide a better ROI.   We work closely with our clients' vendors and agencies to execute their vision.

  • We thoroughly understand the business issues our clients are facing because we have held strategic positions in major global companies and have walked in their shoes
  • We have worked in many industries, and we have a unique perspective having worked in both data rich and data poor industries.  We are experienced at thinking "out of the box" when all the necessary information is not available
  • We have taken industry best practices and have developed analytical tools which help our clients chose the right strategic direction, measure program performance, and recommend changes to optimize efforts
  • We help clients “monetize” their data by assessing their data and recommending products which can be built and then sold to their client base
  • We pride ourselves on providing excellent strategic advice but we also leave our clients with business building analytical tools that can continue to be used to manage their ongoing business
  • We provide our clients the tools, reporting, and insights they need  to select the more productive pathway to reach their goals
  • We get our clients answers to complex problems in a reduced timeframe allowing them to react quickly to their changing marketplace
  • We work smart and have a lot of fun doing so with our clients!