• Welcome to Alpha 1C

    Alpha 1C is best known for its award-winning patient co-pay program optimization models. Our suite of three co-pay optimization models provide unsurpassed insights within the pharma Industry.

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  • Robust Models

    "The model is fantastic - really nice job to you and your team. This is not only robust, but easy to use."

    Senior Manager, Genentech

  • High Value

    "I have to say I severely underestimated the value and usability of your patient co-pay optimization models…really fantastic!"

    Brand Director - UCB

  • Understanding Unique Challeges

    "Having been through our modeling exercise with Alpha 1C, I would not hesitate to use them again to help design/redesign one of our patient discount or loyalty programs. I recommend them enthusiastically!"

    VP Marketing, Akrimax Pharma

  • Exceptional Insights

    "Our team has pulled a tremendous number of unique insights from your easy to use and understand Co-Pay Optimization Model in a very short period of time. Love it!"

    Brand Director - Daiichi Sankyo

  • Great Strategic Work

    "We really appreciated the quality of work that was done for Delta and the thinking that went into it. Alpha 1C not only does great strategic work, but they share our high ethical standards as well."

    Luigi Luce - CEO Delta Software

  • Phenomenal Job

    "You did a phenomenal job and we all will value from this!"

    Brand Director - Avion Pharmaceuticals

  • Tremendous Value

    "We see tremendous value in your work and think all of our brands should go through this copay optimization process."

    Brand Director - Novartis

  • Value Adding

    "You have been flexible, patient, accommodating and value-adding with my clients, and it’s been a fun learning experience too."

    VP, Business Development, PSKW / Connective Rx

  • Extraordinary Value

    "The no-nonsense, clear advice from Alpha 1C has been of extraordinary value to the development of our business strategy in the global markets."

    Don Nicol - CEO, PROMAX

  • Very Impressive

    "Great resource, very impressive tool you have created!"

    VP - Marketing, Aerie Pharmaceuticals

  • Effective Solutions

    "Your models give me deep insights I can’t get anywhere else ... You guys are the best! "

    Sr. Brand Manager - Actavis
  • PM360-Award-Winner

    Award Winning

    We are proud to have been recognized for providing innovative product solutions for the complex business challenges facing the industry today.

Patient Co-Pay Programs

Co-Pay Optimization Models

_0031_ToolsOur suite of three co-pay optimization "what if" models provide unsurpassed insights into patient co-pay programs and the levers that can change to optimize the results.

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Sales / Marketing Models & Solutions

Driving Better Decisions

 0017 Pencil-and-RulerOur low cost, easy to use, custom configured interactive models provide guidance on strategic and financial issues, greatly simplifying the pharma marketer's decision making process.

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Pharma Industry Awards

Innovation Awards

 0041 Medal-GoldSeveral years in a row, Alpha 1C has been recognized by a leading pharmaceutical publication as having the most innovative pharma marketing tools in the industry.

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Welcome to Alpha 1C

Alpha 1C provides goal based predictive modeling & analytic services to address both the financial & strategic issues facing pharma marketers, finance, and senior management. Our client's objectives actually drive our model's recommendations.

Best known for our suite of three patient copay optimization models which optimize patient copay assistance programs at a national, region, state, market or sales or territory level, we also have a model to optimize distribution through our client’s targeted HCP networks. Additional modeling and analytics offerings address media plan optimization, multi-channel marketing, DTC advertising, patient and physician geo-targeting, sales force optimization, multi-cultural marketing and much more. We provide outsourced analytical services for small and large pharma, biotech, OTC & food companies.

Our models and reporting solutions:

  • Seamlessly integrate large amounts of data from disparate sources
  • Conduct intricate data calculations behind the scenes
  • Show results and allow “what if” analysis in a visual, interactive dashboard for easy review and presentation
  • Incorporate a streamlined process for periodic updates
  • Are award winning, easy to use, provide excellent ROI

Our models are used to support both selling & marketing/general business initiatives. Our models address a wide range of issues including developing the most appropriate co-pay promotional offer and uncovering business opportunities via geo-targeting or via a multicultural focus. We also develop custom models to help answer your most pressing business questions. We were recently recognized by PM360 twice as providing the most innovative offerings in the pharma industry. We are proud to have been recognized for providing innovative product solutions for the complex business challenges facing the industry today.

We provide automated operational reporting packages to track and evaluate the productiveness and ROI of your sales and marketing spend.

At Alpha 1C, we solve our client’s complex business problems by applying truly innovative thinking and approaches and by leveraging predictive analysis solutions. This enables our clients to focus on the most productive and profitable solutions and gives them the information and tools needed to achieve their business goals.

We have unparalleled experience in:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Program Optimization
  • Predictive Modeling & Forecasting
  • Sales and Marketing Program Measurement and Reporting

Our work is easily paid for through the insights and efficiencies we bring to our clients.